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Body proportion Body decided to cut
Nov 07, 2016

Under the normal size and by age into youth, middle age, old age at the time of setting the formula according to set up youth of different ages of human difference is small, surrounding the magnitude of change is also small, but due to some differences in height using the formula slightly larger added value, such as deep armhole, sleeve deep, shoulder high, rise, and so on.

Middle-aged body size differences, surrounding the larger variation of the crotch value should be smaller and the old circumference change, greater size difference, increased fork value should be smaller.

Additional crotch value refers to a formula, use 2/10 to calculate the circumference, then LCM circumference each additional depth 0.2cm

1. depth when using LCM increase 1.5/10 Wai-0.15cm;

2. use 1/10 circumference increased 0.1cm;

By some visible changes of surrounding smaller among young people, use the 2/10B+ constant to calculate the ARMHOLE DEPTH is appropriate. Middle-aged big changes using the 1.8/10B+ constant, or 1.5/lOB, circumference + constant. Circumference variation of the elderly particularly hard. Bust, bust a minimum of around 95cm, about 120cm even bigger, such changes, such as using the 2/10B constant to calculate, bust LCM armhole depth for each additional 0.2cm; each additional 2.5cm, ARMHOLE DEPTH increases 5cm. So calculating, ARMHOLE DEPTH increases rise too fast and not suitable for elderly, so you should use 1.5/l0B bra + destiny or 1/10B and destiny. General number less crotch faster increase, number the more wider adaptation, increased fork speed is too slow.