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Function and processing elements of the uniform
Nov 07, 2016

Workwear features: for work tailored to the specific needs of apparel

According to the customer's requirements, combined with professional features, team, culture, age and body characteristics, habits, from the color of clothing, fabrics, styles, shapes, matching, and many other considerations, to provide the best design, for customers to create rich content and grade of new professional image.

Work clothes to enhance the corporate image, show enterprise culture connotation plays an active role.

Workwear promotional publicity, staff uniforms emblazoned with the company LOGO and font size, go is a mobile ad.

Elements of processing work clothes:

Professional: principles of clothing design is first and foremost a clear target: for different industries, different enterprises in the same industry, the same enterprise in different positions, same post different identity, gender, and so on. Specific design differences summarized as what people wear, wear worn by time, location, how to wear, what to wear.

Economy: apart from a few expensive work clothes, such as a specific ritual clothing. Outside the special clothing, most of which has a reasonable price-performance ratio, selection and fabric quality. Design complexity. Production compared to the more difficult aspects.

On the premise of equal beauty and function, designed Workwear to reduce costs as much as possible, from the style. Material. Ease of production. Clothing details such as structures.

Aesthetics: aesthetic by fashion spirituality in work clothes that common decisions.

Functional uniforms depending on your company, select fabric styles such as: construction companies, should choose an abrasion resistance of fabrics; electronics companies should use anti-static fabric.