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Introduction to wool fabric and how to identify the
Nov 07, 2016

First, the sense of touch: woolen fabrics usually supple fabrics along with hair hair touch supple against hair prickling sensation. Blended or pure chemical fiber products, some less soft, some are too soft and loose and sticky feeling.

Second, color: pure wool fabrics with natural color and soft, bright and no sense of old. By contrast, blended or pure chemical fiber fabrics, or Sheen, dark or Flash color sense.

Third, the elastic: tight with hand to defend, and then immediately let go, the elasticity of fabrics. Pure wool fabrics rebound rate, can be quickly restored, blended or synthetic products, less wrinkle resistance, mostly leaving obvious traces of folds, or recovery has been slow.

Four, combustion method: take a bunch of yarn, burn, smells like burned hair of wool fiber, chemical fiber fabrics and smells like burning plastic. After burning the harder the particle description chemical composition more.

Five, and single identification: all animal of hair in microscope Xia see is has scales of, if is hairy fabric words as long as take a hair as Shang figure as rub several Xia on will up or down mobile (to master this a skills can first took a root hair do test), if is General fabric, extraction a root yarn, cut 2 cm of two paragraph split into a root a root of fiber put in Palm in rub four or five Xia, see they will mobile.