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Man how to pick a shirt in the workplace?
Nov 07, 2016

Standard collar: open angle of the career length and trends "gentle" collar standard collar. Custom-made shirts is common in commercial activity, mainly in black and white color, is the most common, the most common style.

Color collar: assignment of a white-collar plain or striped shirt, white cuffs. Open collar standard collar or point collar. Collar point shape quite a lot, usually rounded. Select different color led men must pay attention to coordination in the mix, or accidentally gets classified as "tasteless" category.

Black buckle collar: about classic collar seam with button, tie from New Zealand through, shirt collars, collar fastened emphasis on rigorous, emphasizing the stereoscopic image of the structure of the tie, wearing the collar of the shirt must wear a tie and play smaller, usually close the summary, and must not be free to play pine knot collar seems in order.

Led open angle: about romantic angle between 120 degrees-180 degrees of the collar collar. The collar also known as the "Windsor" collar or "French" collar. It is said that when "love jiangshanaimeiren" Windsor favourite this collar.

Button collar: sporty, collar point to button fixed to the body, is a casual shirt, was only asked in all shirts starched collar. A typical United States style, casual nature, comfort and convenience. This collar leisure shirt, denim shirt.

Long pointed collar: fashion-slender pointed collar, clean lines and decent, dress a wide range of features in the new century, as with classical style of dress shirt. Usually white or plain.

Fabric also has a number of options

Shirts with cotton lining. The different weight and weave of cotton, shirting made of different, different tactile and Visual.

Yarn-dyed Jacquard fabrics: a variety of pattern weaving method, thick, light diagonal fabric surface with a slight sheen, in recent years the most popular fabric, also known as Mercerized cotton. Note that from Europe with such a fabric pattern design, made of Mercerized cotton for imitation and identification is made of Mercerized cotton is the most vulnerable devices and technical limitations, basically no luster to be called Mercerized cotton. This article from www.qifuwa.com

Chambray: vertical dyeing cotton, thin horizontal white cotton plain weave cotton shirting. Light, soft, slightly shiny, blue cotton with white cotton thread is the most common combination.

Oxford cloth button-collar casual shirt fabric, plain weave, with coarse texture, colors: white, blue, pink, yellow, green, gray, and are dimmed. Soft, breathable, durable, well received by college students love.

Gingham: dyed cotton bleached woven cotton shirting, color is white with red, white and blue, white and black. Can be used as sports shirts, also suitable for dress shirts.

Fine plain cloth: the most common shirting, usually white, with cotton thinner and feels softer, higher levels of precision woven fine plain cloth is almost the feel of silk, shirts for dresses and other attire by occasions.