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School uniform styles and fabrics
Nov 07, 2016

Kindergarten: style is more casual, simple, cute easy range. Fabrics are cotton, cotton/polyester soft fabric to protect the comfort functions. Fabric pink powder blue, pink, yellow children's delicate and lovely.

Elementary school: style sports comfortable, fabric for the t/c class more. Selected cleanup, mostly collages organized pattern. Form a dynamic and lively style.

Middle school and high school: general reference styles sportswear categories, dividing large lines form asymmetric rhythm beauty, reflecting modern, healthy and positive image. Fabrics are polyester, nylon, knitted.

Teacher uniform

Teacher and great. Cultural and scientific research to promote the development of society, conducive to the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. This is knowledge-intensive industry, requires a lot of intellectuals. They should fully reflect the characteristics of dress, we had the design was prepared specifically for them--clothes make the real shape of images of the great and glorious is the key. Therefore we chose the design concept: the dignified fashion, simple and light weight light vanity light, heavy into hyperbole, but not without fashion is not popular, we highlight the modesty, simplicity, meaning.

Models featured: men should be mainly based on classical straight suit, tie and shirt without the need for bright, luxurious, pursuit of elegant, subtle taste. Ladies you genteel and virtuous, mature and confident, sober and demure reserve. Tone in a natural, stable, elegant, gray-blue, gray ... ... are all optional.

Fabric: supposedly based on pure wool yarn, Serge, doeskin or wool-polyester Gong Si Jin, comfortable and good air permeability and moisture absorption properties, antistatic corrosion protection to the special conditions of work!