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Selection method of garment pattern fabric
Nov 07, 2016

There are many colors in the fabric, and each suit wearing effect varies greatly. If you watch carefully, will find that this is a subject of fun and learning. If the same lightness and chroma (color of fresh degree of turbidity), the plain is small, small stripes appear larger, corduroy and Plaid is the largest and pattern have a disturbing sight effect, because the pattern of very many kinds, it is difficult to generalize description. Here to talk about the application of various colors and matching.

A, plain: is the simplest, most easy to match colors, anyone put on suits. But pay attention to the lightness and chroma problem. Plain matching color is the color scheme of the preliminary, easy to sink to the monotonous, but can still produce very concise and vivid color, if plain topped with colorful accessories, you can relieve the monotony, plain when equipped with cloth, cloth in the color you want, to reconcile, the effect will be better.

Second, the cloth: small flowery is a pleasing color, it is fresh and lovely, not too monotonous or too gaudy, all body types are suitable for wear, but still pay attention to the lightness of the problem. Colorful cotton print or large print fabrics, they aren't for everyone, because it has a great role in proliferation, can make people look Dumpy, unless you are very tall and thin, or be careful attempts. Fabric equipped with plain very nice, fabric design and color to a color in the middle of a piping work better, consistent aesthetic. Cotton print cloth simple blending, tone not only to reconcile between color and the color cannot be competitive.

Third, the plaid: plaid with stripes, never pop back. Exquisite lattice is an advanced suit of the main color. Women wore Plaid's history is quite long. Fine grid cloth of Plaid and Plaid less obvious, just as easily as plain matching. While large Plaid cloth and cloth is also not easily mix. A hips woman, nothing better than wearing a bright Plaid pleated skirt is even worse things. Use of Plaid cloth, you will benefit. A plaid jacket, or a plaid coat, and can be used with most of the almost plain skirt or pants.

Four, a pattern: it is one of the oldest color, especially with the ethnic pattern, it is unique. But design is not easy match, wrong match often distraught. Is hard to find pretty patterns, the more exquisite patterns, with more chances for many.

Pattern matching patterns, pattern matching Plaid, stripes, prints, is already the most advanced method, is tough. But there is a secret, that is to maintain the match color in the same color, and harmonious, there should be no competition with each other or the feeling of exclusion.