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Wearing professional wear show intellectual beauty
Nov 07, 2016

Winter and summer wear, please note that section to select on time.

For the people who work under high temperature environment, due to the large amount of exposure to thermal radiation under high temperature environments, so wear work clothes when working under high temperature conditions should be used white or light colored, thick soft cloth. In addition, sweating at high temperatures, some people like the upper body to the waist, do not wear work clothes, this can lead to thermal radiation burns the skin, the skin is hot and dry, reducing thermal dissipation. Also easy to cause bodily injury. Work not only at high temperature should therefore wearing clothes should also wear thick long-sleeved clothes and trousers, and wear gloves and a mask, foot covers.

Mechanics ply between machines, you need to avoid tangle the clothes are machine, you also need to rub. Thus, working clothes require tight, hem, cuffs, trouser legs are deductible, and fabric requires a strong, wear-resistant, color deep is appropriate.

Engaged in chemical production workers in workshop containing corrosive substances or laboratory personnel, laboratory work, apart from the outside should wear heavier clothes with tight sleeves, you should also wear rubber apron, rubber elbow length gloves, rubber long boots. If necessary, should wear a helmet attached insulated rubber suit.

Agricultural production workers for General outdoor work, you can use the General light denim or khaki uniforms. Forest workers wear tight work clothes, collars, cuffs, ankles must be tightened to prevent pest invasion.

Cooking and food workers should wear white and buckles behind the clothes requiring overalls long over the knee, cuff buckle and matching hats, face masks, to enhance the cleanliness, prevents food from being contaminated.

Sensible clothing and work clothes to help regulate body temperature and protect the skin to reach waterproof, fire prevention, heat radiation, anti virus, anti-animal bites or other purposes. Clothing and uniforms is reasonable, directly related to human health.