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Anti-static Overalls Differences Between Fabric And Cotton Clothes Fabric
Nov 07, 2016

Anti-static clean fabrics and normal anti-static fabric lies in the difference between "clean" concept. Anti-static clean fabric must meet the following three characteristics:

With anti-static feature: static dust adsorption and adsorption of dust in the air shower can not easily be blown away. Therefore, the primary characteristics of anti-static clean fabric with anti-static properties. Meanwhile, the anti-static properties must be durable and efficient not significantly attenuated because of the daily washing and friction.

Fabric itself dust: because it is a clean indoor clothes, therefore requests that the fabric does not become the source of dust in the clean room, which determines the clean fabrics can only use synthetic fiber production. Cotton, linen, silk and other natural fiber fabrics cannot be applied to clean, although these materials could take better fabrics. While man-made filaments attached to the requirements to strictly control the quantity of dust. In General, the total extinction of polyester filament is not suitable for weaving anti-static clean fabric. Because polyester matting agents-join in the production of titanium dioxide will become a source of pollution.

Fabric to have a good filtration of dust: dust mainly comes from the flow of clean indoor air and indoor activities of the human body. When the equipment is determined to improve cleanliness is required to maximize the production of the micro-dust control inside the clothes, let it go through the fabric into the air. This is called the fabric higher filtration rates. Improve the filtration rate is at the expense of the breathability of fabrics knitted fabrics as well as in loose weave woven fabric is not suitable for clean room