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Classification And Characteristics Of Wear Fabrics
Nov 07, 2016

1. the common feature is the use of flat bed fabrics plain weave weaving, weft yarn linear density and weft density of fabrics identical or similar. Depending on the thickness of the weft can be divided into coarse cloth, plain cloth and fine plain cloth.

1 the thick plain cloth, also known as coarse, coarse yarn woven with cotton. Characterized by a rough cloth body, thick, oil on NEPs and impurities are more solid and durable. , Pin Jean is mainly used for interlining. , Pin Jean, mountain areas, coastal fishing village is also useful to make shirts, dyed shirts, pants material.

2 plain cloth, cloth, also known as, pins, cloth, also known as the white, cotton or viscose yarns, cotton and viscose yarn, polyester yarn, such as weaving. Its characteristics are more closely, and smooth fullness on canvas, solid texture, feel hard. PIN fabric is mainly used as lining, lining fabrics are also used as a shirt pants, sheets of plain fabric mostly used as bleaching fabric, knitted fabric, cotton print fabric. Processing used for clothing fabrics.

3 fine plain cloth, also known as fine cloth, fine cotton yarn, viscose yarn, cotton and viscose yarn, polyester yarn, such as weaving. It features fine clean soft cloth body, thin dense, less impurities on canvas. PIN-fabrics mainly used with PLAIN CLOTH Basket. Fabrics are used as bleaching fabric, knitted fabric, cotton print fabric. Processed as a summer of underwear, pants, coats, blouses and other fabrics.

2. Poplin also used plain weave weaving this fabric. Compared with the plain cloth of different warp density General 1.8 2.2 1/weft ratio due to the dense than weft fabric appearance formed by Warp protruding parts of diamond grain pattern. Woven Poplin fabric, usually cotton or polyester fine yarn. According to the different yarn, Poplin into yarn, Poplin half line (via strands) line of Poplin (weft strands) according to the different spinning works, divided into carded cotton Poplin and combed cotton Poplin. Weaving patterns, there are hidden hidden Poplin, satin silk Poplin, jacquard cotton Poplin, Flash color color colored Poplin, Poplin. Poplin fabric dyeing and printing process to nature, and bleached Poplin, colored Poplin and Poplin. Poplin fabric cloth-clean and flat, delicate texture, grain pattern and full, eijun soft luster, feel soft, smooth and waxy characteristics. Poplin cotton is one of the main varieties. Mainly used for shirts, summer clothes and daily clothes.

3. Linen yarn is usually used plain weft rib weave weaving in your organization, there are other changes organization of weaving fine TeX cotton or polyester/cotton woven, high twist and Warp than weft, rather than the plain fabric with warp twist is also high, so the fabric has a pretty cool features like a linen. Ranging from vertical, narrow and Pinstripe fabric appearance. This substance is thin, streak clear, very comfortable and breathable, and comfortable clothes. Bleaching, dyeing, printing, weaving, jacquard and other varieties. As summer shirts for men and women, children's clothes, dress materials and other fabrics.