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Consumers Familiar With Knowledge Of Coating Fabrics Purchased Garments Do Not Worry
Nov 07, 2016

Coating water-resistant synthetic fabric has now become a necessity of life, umbrellas, overalls, etc can be made and used in areas such as technology, agriculture, so use very wide. Now debut in the city more coated waterproof fabric, in terms of color, plain, printed, speaking from the species, include polyester taffeta, nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

Oxford introduces a waterproof coating. This is a waterproof performance comparison of chemical fiber fabrics, is a major export. It is understood that the fabric made of 300D polyester low-elastic yarn for raw materials, selection of satin weave, in water-jet loom weaving, fabric count 210T fabric, followed by shrinking, shaping, dyeing, coating PVC, waterproof agent deep processing and other technology. The fabric width fabric 150cm, gram per square metre is approximately 280g, the wholesale price per meter on the market today to between 10.5-12. With its waterproof, durable resistance, color fastness, rich colors unique to the trust of the vast number of consumers, on the market in the near future to sky blue, Lake blue, rose red, Navy Blue and other color liked by consumers. Due to its fastness on canvas, so you can make clothes, travel clothing, and it has the waterproof function, so much for reconciliation on cloth, parachute cloth, cloth and other automotive waterproof jacket.