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Fabric Identification Tutorial-common Sense And Leather
Nov 07, 2016

In a lot of varieties of leather, full grain leather should top the list because it is disabled by a smaller number of first-class raw materials and processed, preserved natural state on a leather surface, coating thin, can show the animal skin pattern of natural beauty. It not only wear-resistant and has good breathability.

Corrected grain leather, is the use of light grinding buffing machine to leather finishing after, then pressed the pattern is made. Is actually the natural leather with a disability or rough surfaces were "cosmetic". This kind of leather is almost lost the original surface, finishing layer is thick, abrasion resistance and permeability less than full-grain leather.

Two-layer leather, is splitting machine for thick skin layer, first layer used to do full-grain leather or corrected grain leather, two-story or film series made from operation after finishing the second layer of leather, its poor fastness, abrasion resistance, is one the cheapest form of leather.

Here we'll introduce several common methods:

One, feel: touch the leather surface, smooth, soft, plump, elastic feel leather and artificial synthetic leather itching, rigid and soft poor.

Second, observe the pores of the leather, has a clear, pattern, cow hide a more shapely shrink the pores and pores of the yak's fur is coarse and sparse, goat-fish scale pores, pigskin triangles coarse pores, and leather, although copied the pores, but not clear. Following to everyone introduced pig leather, and horse leather, and oxhide, and sheep leather of features and identification method: cattle leather surface fine, strength high, most suitable making shoes; sheep leather light, thin and soft, is leather clothing of ideal fabric; pig leather of breathable through vapor performance good, more for business do underwear and children supplies; horse leather of fiber structure more close, and strength also compared high, for making skin pants and boots effect better. In General, the leather surface the thickness, density and distribution of the pores is to differentiate oxhide leather, leather, horse and sheep leather main basis.