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Knowledge Of Viscose
Nov 07, 2016

A. viscose viscose is the full name of the. It divides into viscose yarn and viscose staple fibre, viscose silk here focuses on. Viscose – also known as rayon, ice silk, viscose filament. In recent years, viscose appeared called Tencel, bamboo fiber, high-grade varieties. Viscose is a cotton or other natural fiber as raw material in the production of cellulose fibers. In the 12 major textile fibers, viscose moisture with physiological requirements for human skin, has a smooth cool, breathable, anti-static, stain the magnificent features.

B viscose are one of the oldest fiber. In 1891, the cross (Cross), Bevan (Bevan) and Beadle (Beadle) first made from cotton cellulose sodium yellow solution, because the solution viscosity is very large, so named "viscose". Glue after contact with acids, cellulose precipitates all over again. According to this principle, 1893 to become a method of manufacture of cellulose fiber, the fiber is called "viscose". By 1905, M (Muller), invented a coagulation bath consisting of dilute sulfuric acid and sulfate, realizes industrial production of viscose rayon.

C. viscose fibers for cotton is superior to cotton: essence of viscose cotton, silk, are authentic ecological fibers from natural but more than natural. Viscose is used as raw materials such as cotton linter from optimization, viscose cotton fiber essence purer. Stick fiber of cellulose content in 99.5% above, and cotton in 95--97%; stick fiber of fat and wax quality accounted for 0.2--0.3%, cotton accounted for 0.5--0.6%; stick fiber no containing chlorine material, cotton in the containing chlorine material accounted for 1--1.1%; stick fiber not containing pectin and the more shrink Xu sugar, and cotton containing 1.2%; stick fiber other gray copies of content for trace, cotton gray copies of content up 1.14%. Viscose resistance to sunlight, insect resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, melting agents, mold resistance in major textile fibers, it's excellent performance is more comprehensive.