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Oxford Introduction To Common Classification And
Nov 07, 2016

1, Oxford: devoted to the production of various types of bags

The fabric tended to use polyester FDY150D/36F. Fabric of plain weave in water-jet loom weaving, weft density 360X210, fabric by relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static coating treatment, with thin, soft, good waterproofing, durability and so on.

2, Oxford nylon fabric: mainly produce rain for flood control supplies

The fabric nylon silk warp 200D, latitude 160D nylon silk as raw material. Plain weave structure, formed by water-jet weaving. Fabric after dyeing and finishing, coating process, has a soft, draping top, the advantages of novel style, waterproof, nylon filament cloth masks look and feel shiny effect. Because of its excellent quality, innovative designs, well received by users. Fabric width is 150cm, it is understood that the fabric will not fade, deform and other advantages based on the market. Listed color is Navy Blue, light light black, Tiger, yellow, dark green, and other different types of customer demand and volume selected with various different colors.

3, the whole play Oxford:

 main production bag the fabric weft silk DTY300D polyester yarn is used, selection of dot open organization on the water-jet loom weaving becomes. Fabric scouring by relaxation, book type, after the base reduction, soft shape, fabric back then in the rubber and polyester. Its delicate texture, luster, good waterproof, this bag is made of dressed girls fashion trendy pets. The fabric width 150cm.

4, Oxford: mainly produce all kinds of bags

The fabric is silk DTY400D polyester yarn, weft polyester DTY yarn 400D. Tissue texture, water jet (with mixer) loom woven into it. Fabric design, unique technology, front Plaid emerged stronger, become the most prominent fabric parts, while on the opposite side with coating (PU) process, make it more strong waterproof and drape better is all kinds of bags fashion material. Fabric width is 160cm, the weight of 320 g/m, listing main colors are black, Navy Blue, coffee, and so on.

5, Wei Oxford cloth: mainly produce all kinds of bags

The fabric is silk with polyester FDY68D/24F, silk FDY150D/36F is used as raw material, weaving process using weft in water jet (with multiple leading arm) woven into it. Note clearly on canvas, collection of modern, artistic, draping in one. Fabric by dyeing, embossing, or delayed, with strong vertical sensibility, waterproofing and other advantages.