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The Difference Between Silk And Chemical Fiber Silk
Nov 07, 2016

1, observe the luster. Soft and uniform sheen of silk, is bright but not harsh. Artificial silk luster is bright, but not softly along. Polyester gloss uniformity, but flash/light wire. Poor nylon silk gloss, coated with a layer of wax.

2, touch feeling. Touch real silk fabric with handles, and other man-made products didn't have that feeling. Artificial silk smooth soft, but not crisp. Cotton silk touch is hard and not soft.

3, examine the crease. When hand pinch the silk and then let go, and because of their good flexibility without creases. Artificial silk let go after the obvious crease and crease hard to restore the status quo ante. Nylon silk folds, but also slowly restored, so don't be fooled by its appearance.

4, try fiber pull. Spare a few fibers in the fabric's edge and tongue to wet, easy to pull off at the wet, that is, rayon, if not pulled off by the wetting, it is pure, such as strength of fiber in wet and dry conditions are good, not easy to pull off the nylon or polyester.

5, listen to the sound. Due to the rubbing of silk sericin appearance protection, so the dry silk makes a noise when they are rubbing, commonly known as: "Ming" or "Silk sound", and other man-made products appear then there is no sound.