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Wear Some Common Fabric Introduction
Nov 07, 2016

1. quality shirt fabric:

\Cvc\ Oxford \ high cotton natural fiber wood pulp products are manufactured using high-tech equipment disposal by a special process fine texture with clean soft feel slippery soft wash effect suitable for sewing a variety of high-end shirts.

2. uniform cloth:

Pure polyester interlaced filament twill weave fabric weight 2/2 265g/m-280g/m width 150cm smooth fine lines on Gong Zi full flexibility soft draping shiny natural bright easy ball machine washable without distortion. Suitable for staff employees and school uniforms for security.

3. plain weave:

Pure polyester yarn woven plain weave fabric weight 240g/m-280g/m 1/1 width 150cm fabric fine Gong Zi clear crisp and smooth colour more bright and elastic. For waitress in factories, school uniforms.

4. high density of fine kadanhuang:

Use 100DDTY and 75DPOY high strength elastic Twill woven fabrics wool is strong beautiful draping elegant style. The disposal by a special process of new products with anti-pilling crinkle DP functional uniforms and bright color will never fade for the industry.

5. Buddy:

Long polyester/viscose fabric twill weave fabric weight 300g/m 2/1 width 150cm high strength elastic and good dimensional stability, good strong sense of elegant style is crisp and beautiful hair luster for Department managers and middle management staff uniforms.

6. Shu mei:

Using high-tech means to FDYPOYD/DTY cations, and other raw materials processed by a special process the fabric by the international market.

7. antistatic:

With polyester cotton as raw material to embed left Twill of organic conductive fiber 3/1 width 150cm. end of the fabric hardwearing surface type feel with soft moisture hair anti-static dust explosion-proof special function and permanent. Suitable for military and petrochemical particularities such as fine chemical industry is also suitable for general industrial work clothes

8. the shirt stripes:

Using TC special width 150cm plain weave fabrics of polyester filament fabric slightly wrinkled style similar to the hemp fabric resists shrinkage resistance washable quick drying sweat-absorbent soft wear well suited for shirts and a variety of clothing accessories and so on.

9. Senior Flash satin:

The fabric using various raw materials such as metallic Jacquard woven into fabric by a special process shiny natural lifelike texture rich bright color pattern is light. Costumes for the nightclub for the evening dress fabric.

10. wool:

Imported wool and domestic wool two broad categories. Imported wool from Italy United Kingdom, and other famous enterprises in China market agents. Domestic wool mainly comes from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places.

11. the tools:

Ratio of different components such as T/CT/RTT/C series oil drape jacket-wrinkle-proof use of materials washable fast drying characteristics for various industries production tooling.

12. the Brocade

Fabric style similar to the hemp fabric resists shrinkage resistance moisture absorption of low easy to quick-dried washing clear full fit for ladies ' blouses dress and various clothing ingredients, and so on.

13. lining:

Shu beauty, beautiful silk plain weave silk fabrics plain weave and twill fabrics and Japanese and Korean imports high-end.