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Woman Mink Coat Cleaning And Maintenance Methods Are Important
Sep 28, 2017

In the winter, with a stylish atmosphere, and noble gorgeous Woman Mink Coat, is a lot of beauty of the first choice of women. But because of the special nature of the fabric, Woman Mink Coat cleaning and maintenance has become a lot of people headaches. everyone to collect some Woman Mink Coat cleaning and maintenance methods, and quickly collect it!

(1) Do not place the fur near a window with strong sunlight, and it is best to hang in a place where the light is dark, the temperature and humidity are low and well ventilated. Make sure there is no hot water pipe or steam pipe near the clothes store, do not forget, fur like dry environment.

(2) fur clothing, please hang in the strong wide shoulder of the special racks, and covered with silk clothes cover, stored in the air circulation of the closet. High strength of the hanger can make the collar will not lodging in the shoulder, wide should be able to keep the clothes shape, silk jacket is to ensure a good ventilation of the fur environment.

(3) to promote the fur "breathing" space. The fur needs a relatively large place to store, and at least there should be at least 6 cm of space between the other clothes so that the fur is free to "breathe". Do not put the fur on the plastic bag or folded tightly pressed in the suitcase, the air does not flow, will make fur dry and wet uneven, fur deformation or even fall off.

(4) Do not contaminate fur with other chemicals. If your home moth or other insects harass, do not use insects near fur, because it is also lethal to fur. Do not put the fur coat in the wardrobe made of fir, although the fir can be insect repellent, but the smell into the fur will make you regret it.

(5) in the summer the best fur to the professional fur shop placed in the cold storage, the home of the air-conditioned room can also, the purpose is to avoid high temperature wet insects damage.

Leather, fur clothing to wear on the body not only warm you can also greatly enhance your temperament, like the purchase of other types of clothing, like fur also need to see the color is not their favorite, the style is not in line with their own. If you spotted a Woman Mink Coat can be described from the following three Woman Mink Coat options to start.

Woman Mink Coat coat method of excellent quality

In the choice of any kind of fur, the quality is the most important.

Woman Mink Coat options to choose the style of choice

Personal hobby. But how to find the most suitable fur clothing should be handed over to a professional fur business. It is easy to change a fur coat. Trained technical staff can change fur coat, and then you can get the best coat.

The production process of Woman Mink Coat purchase method

Choosing fur clothing is another important consideration. From fur selection, to the cutting of clothing, sewing, and finally made, each step requires experienced staff. Because of the advanced processing technology, now most of the fur has an endless color and design. In some seasons, fashion determines the choice of color. But for fur, the natural color is still the most respected.