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Woman Mink Coat Have A Good Warmth, But Not Significantly Bloated
Jul 07, 2017

1, excellent quality

Woman Mink Coat as the most expensive category of fur, there are many basis. First of all, we talk about the quality of mink in the advantages. Compared to other fur, mink leather plate with a thin and soft features, leather plate will make the Woman Mink Coat when wearing more light, and will be more thin, won the female favorite. Mink leather plate has a strong toughness, so the quality is extremely remarkable. With the fur of the Rex Rabbit clothing, the general value of about two thousand dollars, although the price is low, but the toughness of the leather plate is far less than mink. General rabbit skin in the summer if the maintenance is not good, the skin will quickly aging, life will be greatly reduced.

2, aesthetics

Woman Mink Coat is called soft gold, not only the practical value is high, but also has a very good aesthetics. In the hearts of consumers, mink fur is "luxury". If we see a beautiful woman in the street wearing a Woman Mink Coat, then instinctively think that this is a "land ho". In fact, although the Woman Mink Coat has become a mass consumption, but still in the minds of consumers to establish a tall impression. And Woman Mink Coat coat light, not only have a good warmth, but not significantly bloated, with a strong aesthetics, as the beauty of the pursuit of the goal.

3, practicality

Mink is an arctic animal, a weak mink, can survive in the arctic environment, thanks to this thin fur. Darwin's theory of evolution that: "natural selection, the survival of the fittest", mink adapted to the cold climate, can become a cold species. So made of mink fur also has the best warmth, I believe this is all through the Woman Mink Coat friends are very recognized. Although all the fur has a different degree of cold, but the Woman Mink Coat is certainly worthy of the championship. Woman Mink Coat, especially in the cold north of the city, with considerable practicality.

4, durability

Mink leather plate has a very good toughness, so made of mink fur coat has a very strong durability. We take a few common fur coat contrast, rabbit fur board is not very good durability, generally after the summer after the skin board aging will be very obvious. If the maintenance is not good, will cause the phenomenon of skin cracking. In all fur coat, the durability of the mink is quite good, generally if the maintenance is good, mink can wear for ten years without quality problems. And a value of 10,000 yuan Woman Mink Coat, divided into ten years, is still very cost-effective. Mink is called "soft gold" is the root cause of its hedge rate is very high.

5, high cost of farming

My family has four years of experience in breeding mink, mink is mainly because of the high cost of farming, we just simply talk about the daily food mink: fish, eggs, meat, animal offal, etc., this is the mink can produce such a high quality hair Quality of about 80% of animal food needed. There are vegetables, puffed, soy milk and other cereal food about 20%. If you need milk and beef during the breeding season. But also in the daily protein and vitamins in food intake, but also the need for vitamins and other drugs with. Just look at these simple feed lists you should be easy to understand why the value of the mink is so high, if you do not guarantee such a high nutrient element, mink can not guarantee high quality fur. And this is just food, if coupled with rent, labor, loss and other costs, farming costs will be very high, which is the price of mink has been the root cause of high.

2, breeding risk

Have some rural life experience friends are aware that the risk of aquaculture is very high. There are a lot of people to describe the aquaculture industry, said the aquaculture industry is "rely on the day to eat the industry." Once the breeding plant has an infectious disease, then the loss of heavy for the farmers. Mink is the same, but with the rapid development of medicine, the general mink through vaccination can greatly reduce the risk of infectious diseases. But the daily mink because of illness, loss, but also a loss. There is also a problem that is not easy to overlook is the breeding rate. Farmers want to make money, must be a high rate of reproduction, but also the price of ferrets today was high. Once the breeding rate is low, the farmers will pay the hard work of the year. Or if the market price of mink skin is too low, the farmers are also a disaster.