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Woman Mink Coat Maintain A Good Ventilation Environment
Jun 06, 2017

Fur luxury and dignity has been no doubt, especially the Woman Mink Coat velvet fur, it is more and more people's favorite has gradually become a symbol of status and identity. Then it corresponds to its luxury, it must also be different with the maintenance of ordinary clothing, Woman Mink Coat coat how to maintain it? Do not worry, here are the most comprehensive maintenance methods, teach you a minute to get Woman Mink Coat coat maintenance.

Woman Mink Coat coat maintenance FAQ:

When washing

With special cleaning supplies, magnesium oxide powder, talcum powder, can not use ordinary laundry liquid and soap.

When wearing

Keep clean, snowy days should not be worn.

If you accidentally dirty must be dealt with in a timely manner, with a dry cloth to wipe the water, and then placed in a dry and ventilated place to dry. If the clothes are usually stained with dust and dirt, to timely shrimp, with a hot towel to smooth the direction of dirt along the hair to avoid contamination of the fur.

Prohibited in the Woman Mink Coat buckle anything, to avoid shoulder strap backpack, so as to avoid friction with the Woman Mink Coat coat, causing bald phenomenon.

When saved

Pay attention to moisture, try to avoid rain and snow days to wear. Once the damp, can not use hair dryer blowing, can not use iron iron, but not in the sun exposure to avoid aging skin hardening. Lose the original elasticity. The correct way is to hang in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally.

When collecting

Before the collection should be dry in a cool ventilated, covered with a layer of cloth outside the sun drying 2 hours to maintain the luster of the fur. And then use loose hangers and clothes hanging in the closet to save. Preservation process can not fold, stack, pressure, can not often rub with other objects, to prevent bald hair.

Leather clothing and the most sensitive to acid, alkaline and oil substances contact, but also to avoid friction, to prevent decolorization hair loss. Collection, in order not to affect the luster, do not put camphor pills, perfume, cosmetics and other hair spray supplies.

Indoor storage maintenance

1 bogey light, love the cool and low humidity and well ventilated place, to ensure that there will be no hot water pipes or steam pipes in the vicinity of the clothes storage.

2 the fur is hanging in a special family, with a clean and smooth cloth cover, to prevent dust, friction, do not forget to fold. Maintain a good ventilation environment.

3 to the foot space, should not be crowded to avoid the air does not flow fur dry wet uneven deformation off.

4 Keep away from cosmetics and chemicals, do not use pesticides near fur.

5 store the fur in the wardrobe for it, such as fir is not suitable, because the taste of fir will penetrate the fur.

Outdoor maintenance:

1 winter weather cold, remember to stay away from heat, dry and hot environment will make fur hardened.

2 sit down and eat as much as possible when the Woman Mink Coat coat off, so as not to stain or friction damage to the coat.

3 when wearing a Woman Mink Coat coat as much as possible not backpack or get something that may be related to friction.

4 do not buckle anything on the fur, such as the bracelet will often friction to the clothes cuffs, resulting in coat appearance hand damage.