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Women Cashmere Coat Proper Use Of Cleaning And Maintenance
Sep 28, 2017

Sheepskin is a life, need to breathe the natural fiber. Needless to say, winter wear naturally very warm, very comfortable to wear. But the wool with love from the ball, easy to be the shortcomings of insects. So you must fully understand the texture of sheepskin and its characteristics, in order to be based on the correct use of cleaning and maintenance.

In the winter, a Women Cashmere Coat is out of the necessary equipment. Leather clothing should pay attention to moisture, or once the damp mold, leather will lose luster, affect the fastness. Leather, such as stained with rain, should immediately use a towel or clean cloth to dry the water, and placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, not exposure, baking, otherwise the leather will harden or shrink.

Leather should be wrinkle anti-crease, the collection should try to avoid folding and weight. The ideal way is to put the clothes in plastic bags with racks. If the leather folds can be used when the non-steam iron (can not use the steam iron), put a piece of silk or cotton cloth in the leather,Women Cashmere Coat gently lower back and forth in the low-level wrinkles, prohibit the iron directly contact the leather surface. Coat inside the hair can be used sparse fine toothbrush clean, you can buy in the pet shop.

Do not use washing and cleaning products when you clean your Women Cashmere Coat at home. This will make the clothes surface loss of elasticity and luster, prone to cracks, and the skin will shrink. If the outside of the sheepskin luster and discoloration, you can use glycerol for wiping. Should pay attention to the classification of leather due to the different leather in the use and maintenance process should pay special attention to grinding the skin can not be wiped with glycerol. Clean suede coat, the most basic care can use hard rubber brush, clean the dirty place, if you can not completely wipe clean, please pay to the store, and is strictly prohibited to use leather or other chemical treatment.

Salt can not be sprinkled on the leather,Women Cashmere Coat it will make the surface of the leather luster, damage to the product. Discard salt. Fresh stains are recommended to eliminate the use of abrasives such as coarse flour and starch, which can completely absorb dust, moisture and fat spots, and most importantly, do not cause damage to the clothes.

Collar, pockets, cuffs, which are easy to dirty places, you can use hard brush and toothpaste, mixed with ammonia, clean. In the cleaning soak the leather, this is not allowed, if so, then put it on a dry plane, the clothes dry.

These methods are easy to learn and can be operated at home. If your clothes are made of leather, be sure to carefully look at the contents of the label, the general leather clothes can not be sent to the dry cleaners, to the professional leather care shop.