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Women Cotton Coat Turned Into A Leisurely Handsome
Jul 07, 2017

Women Cotton Coat Some Women Cotton Coat shape and down jacket is very similar, so many people think that cotton is down jacket. In fact, not, cotton is mostly cotton, wool blended, polyester fiber and other things to fill, down jacket is feather, duck down for the filler. Of course, to say that the warmth of which is better, it must be down jacket.

Last year's hot pilot jacket in the autumn and winter also made a thicker design of the cotton, so that not only those who love to wear pilots jacket can continue to wear in the winter, but also greatly increased the degree of fashion.

Short black Women Cotton Coat with white open half skirt, easy interpretation of the city ladies elegant temperament. On the wide under the loose with the law, make leg lines look very slender.

The same is a black loose cotton, the white split skirt replaced with white trousers and shoes, and instantly from the elegant woman turned into a handsome little girl leisure.

Baseball shirt has been in the fashion circle for a long time, some of the school sense of the street wind MM must be put it down. The baseball suit is particularly suitable for wearing in sunny days. With short skirts and baseball cap, to create a sense of Japanese street.

Army green gives a tough feeling, with dark jeans and boots with, will show a handsome style of chic. Brown hair collar is very able to highlight the atmosphere of the ladies Fan children ~

Long section of the design of the military green cotton with white pencil pants, with a thick Han flavor. White shoes with a pair of green socks, it is particularly coordinated fashion.

Has a baseball suit appearance of the cotton, both fashion and can achieve the warmth. With jeans and sports shoes, age and very easy with the nature. This is not deliberately dressed, but also very worth learning.

Full of leisurely printing jacket for the injection into a vitality, so that the winter with the deposition to restore the angry. Many people feel that printing jacket is difficult to control with good, the pursuit of young fashion up to people, you can use a more eye-catching more changes with the style to support the printing jacket is different. Jeans, knitted hat VS pointed high heels, mini shoulder bag, this style contrast greatly with the overall shape of the rich visual impact.

Comfortable in the end, is also one of the ways out of color. Women Cotton Coat + jeans + canvas shoes, enough casual dress with an atmosphere of the leather bag,Women Cotton Coat this style of collision is the fashion tide people commonly used trick.

Touching jacket warm no doubt, but gives a heavy feeling is obvious, with short paragraph skirt and fine clutch to balance the bloated feeling, to enhance the fashionable degree is definitely a good way to skillfully deflected.