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Women Down Coat The More Air-insulated, Warmer And Stronger Performance
Jun 28, 2017

Today, more and more intense competition in the women's industry, how to stand out in many shops, the need for their own shop have a clear understanding of the baby, today tp dandelion to women's Women Down Coat jacket, for example, to talk about the purpose of understanding.

First, the characteristics of Women Down Coat jacket:

1, fill: the general amount of ducks accounted for more than half; Women Down Coat jacket in the filler, the most common is the goose Women Down Coat and duck Women Down Coat, the two by color, can be divided into white cashmere and gray cashmere. From the appearance point of view, cotton and Women Down Coat jacket similar high degree of distinction between these two categories is the essence of filler, cotton filling mainly cotton.

2, shape: large rounded, fluffy high; Women Down Coat jacket warm principle is that the more heat between the feathers, the warmer performance stronger; in quite the case of cashmere, the higher the number of Peng, the better the warmth The

3, the advantages: light weight, soft texture, warm and strong; due to fill the feathers, so Women Down Coat jacket has a thin advantage to meet the aesthetic requirements of modern people, warm and beautiful correct.

4, the development trend

(1) Sports:

 Modern society pay attention to healthy life, everyone's sense of movement has gradually increased, the national movement has become a social hot, Women Down Coat jacket sports function gradually prominent, a variety of sports brand feather sportswear after another, sports-type Women Down Coat jacket favored.

(2) fashion:

With the improvement of living standards, people rely on the pursuit of Women Down Coat jacket is not only the warm performance, a variety of design sense of strong Women Down Coat jacket market demand is also growing; beautiful lines cut, delicate work more to reflect the city people dress taste.

(3) personalized

Modern pursuit of distinctive personality, personality Women Down Coat jacket will be unconventional, lovers, parent-child market demand is also growing.

Through the industry to understand women's Women Down Coat jacket, combined with the data to select the potential of the baby, and then channel multi-directional drainage, is to promote the successful women's Women Down Coat jacket trilogy, but the most important thing is the product itself has a very deep understanding in order to promote Women Down Coat jacket trilogy carried out more perfect.