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Women Down Coat The Washing Method Is Also Very Important
Oct 18, 2017

After winter, the weather gradually cold, the Women Down Coat jacket is the home winter necessary clothes, and wear up warm and comfortable light, but the cleaning is always not easy, if the improper cleaning, may cause damage to clothing, and dry after the ugly white stains exist.

Now wonderful recruit small talent here to teach you a washing method, oneself at home can easily complete the wash Women Down Coat on the Women Down Coat jacket, and no white stains exist OH:

1. First of all, to prepare a basin of warm water, and your hands of the temperature can be almost, do not too hot, and put a proper amount of laundry liquid.

2. Put the Women Down Coat jacket in the soak 10 minutes after the start of cleaning, attention, do not use the hand to rub clothes, dirty place must use a soft brush or no use of the toothbrush to wash it can be, the focus and not too dirty places are under brush.

3. Do not twist the twist to squeeze the water after the brush, and then squeeze Women Down Coat on it, finished with water first time, wash the liquid washing off.

4. The second time cleaning, now is the time to do the trick, in the water drop into vinegar, home edible rice vinegar can, general cooking dosage (a cap such) is almost, put Women Down Coat Women Down Coat on the inside soak 5-10 minutes, roughly knead, in the dry time notice, must not twist the same twist to twist water, Along the lines of the two hands on the squeeze can be suspended to dry.

5. and must not put under the sun exposure, in the ventilated place can, I generally put in the bathroom for two or three days can dry, after the dry, we will find the clothes very flat, not fluffy, hehe, now teach a little trick, take Women Down Coat the clothes, flat on the bed, with a large area of hangers to beat clothes, Everywhere to Pat, you will find that the Women Down Coat jacket restored the original clean and soft appearance, and no smell and unsightly white stains Oh!

The main ingredient of Women Down Coat is protein, put to dry cleaners after drying, Women Down Coat easy to brittle, broken, from the seam out of the clothes, is called running hair. The next time you wear it is not as warm as before, and on the underwear is very annoying. At home, just pay attention to the above points, to ensure that clean and warm.

90% Women Down Coat jackets are required hand wash, do not dry cleaning, dry cleaning potions will affect the warmth of the feather, easy to make cloth aging, not to use washing machine to wash Women Down Coat jacket, easy to trigger an explosion!

First put Women Down Coat jacket into cold water soak for 20 minutes, let Women Down Coat jacket inside and outside fully moist, and then use detergent solvent, wash the best use soft brush cleaning.

Neutral detergent on clothing and Women Down Coat the minimum damage, if the Women Down Coat jacket on the remaining detergent, can be rinsed after two times, in warm water add two small spoon vinegar, will be soaked for a while rinse.