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Women Dyed Fur Coat Easy To Create A Modern And Luxurious Quality
Oct 30, 2017

The sudden cold wave of the first apparent power,Women Dyed Fur Coat a little caught off guard, before the cold, you have to do enough preparation. This autumn and winter is still hot fur One series, in a very artistic tailoring splicing processing, get rid of the old and unchanging coat image, let you walk gracefully in the cold wind.

The outstanding wrapping of long coats is undoubtedly the warmest and most comfortable. Stitching process is one of the most important factors to consider a fur garment. Each piece of skin is taken from the same part of the sheep, ensuring uniform thickness. It also allows it to move with it, without the slightest drag and feel.

With a jacquard velvet body skirt,Women Dyed Fur Coat with elegant and rich artistic temperament of the jacquard elements, so that the entire shape of a more hierarchical sense. After entering the room to take off the overcoat, also appeared noble.

The ingenuity of the irregular stitching design, for the coat added changes and smart charm. Hem using Loro Piana Baby cashmere coarse needle fabric, fiber average diameter of only 13 to 13.5 microns (the traditional highest quality cashmere also has 14.5 microns, ordinary cashmere 16 microns) than imagined delicate soft,Women Dyed Fur Coat as if can melt in winter warm fairy dream.

With the same color knit sweater, show in the depth of the colors, forming a visual depth and level, so clever collocation, you will win more attention.

Handmade cashmere double-sided and fur fabric, have chosen advanced black, because the fabric material itself characteristics,Women Dyed Fur Coat the same black but have different impressions, easy to create a modern sense of luxury quality.

Burgundy's fragrant red wine has made the fur of the season, the lining chose pure black, red and black classic color match, for the fur one added full of mysterious elegance feeling. Hand-stitched black stitching is also the detail that echoes the design.