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Women Leisure Coat Personality Tide And Play A Better Fit Fit
Jul 18, 2017

How can the spring how many less comfortable casual jacket ~ this Women Leisure Coat with high-quality cotton blended fabric, moderate thickness, fried chicken for spring concave shape wear ~ leisure by age the best choice; sleeve stripes hit color, Tide full range; personality and chic, cool neutral wind clean and reckless ~ short design of the little girl can get to the oh ~

Selected high-quality fabric, showing a different kind of bright and smooth. Edge worn design, touch up on the super-love fabric ~ and not too old-fashioned. ~ Multiple design to improve aesthetics. The alignment is solid and smooth! It is worth mentioning that the hem design, Europe and the United States icon spring all rely on this type of clothes from Fan children, who wear who look good Oh!

For the denim I have no resistance, this modeling sense full, you can play a bold mix and match, a lot of European and American star street shoot have to wear it Oh, chest big pockets, increase the overall three-dimensional modeling, cool Casual, short section of the denim body, suitable for a variety of body of the MM, put on the feeling of their own gas field Shua Shua's rise, walking with the wind, this can be used with pencil pants or skirt are very Western

A fried chicken casual age of the jacket, both casual fashion, and sexy charm, fried chicken for early spring season to wear Oh ~ fabric, upper body warm and comfortable; overall tailoring is also very beautiful Oh, The tide of the cool, very chic oh ~ properly pocketed the rate of a pair of age care jacket

Instantly blowing a burst of youth sports atmosphere! Anti-wrinkle windproof fabric, so comfortable UPUPUP! Simple type, loose do not pick the body, no one can easily control ~ Sleeve design lively and full of rhythm ~ retro fashion, handsome type! Pink and orange two bright colors, how to wear are full of moisture, and this Women Leisure Coat is very outdated, sports travel must ~ let you leisure and cool!

A fried chicken casual age of the suede jacket, both casual fashion, but also sexy charm, fried chicken for early spring season wear Oh ~ suede fabric, upper body warm and comfortable; the overall cut is also very beautiful Oh, Full of age; hood design and small letters are bright spots, the tide of the cool, very chic Oh ~ properly pocketed a retreat of the age of Women Leisure Coat

Solid color Women Leisure Coat, small loose version, coupled with fine traces, are very special small details, workmanship is very good, hood design, very modified face, hem with drawstring design, you can freely adjust, open to wear It is more casual, you can also waist up, it is very neat Oh, to see what kind of friends like baby

Knitted composite fabric, no lining, coupled with the overall atmosphere of the smooth version of the upper body comfortable and warm and stylish type. Short section of the design, but also significantly higher body height ratio; shoulder loop fixed decoration, an increase of clothes design and three-dimensional, atmospheric and stylish; collar and hem are done stitching knitting design, personality tide and play a better Fit the shape of the role. Buckle plus zipper design, easy to wear off and more wind and warm. With a Slim trousers, you can.

This is a little sense of leisure coat coat, different from the other coat of the strong sense, this relatively more part of the intellectual and soft, especially for spring wear, collar is the design of the collar, V-type openings, with Point OL feeling, it is able to modify the face, zipper placket, more on the left, this unique design personality, small loose version of the type, easy to accommodate a variety of body, who can wear a short section of the design, Elongate the proportion of the lower half, recommend to you! The

Selected high-quality thick satin, showing a different kind of bright and smooth. Wear and not easy to play the ball, touch up on the super-love fabric ~ clothing large pocket design practical and convenient ~ and not too old-fashioned. Shuangxuan side of the sequins wings, a solid line, and handsome!

Very much like this Women Leisure Coat outside the network, because I only saved a clothing, so self-drawing, weaving points and weaving details of the process attached to the favorite sisters for reference. This section belongs to the leisure section, but I think the details are more important, according to their own ideas to the edge of the coat, the sleeve side and the pocket side in the opposite side of the line plus the line pull the needle, so that the formation of bilateral, The This piece of clothing I try to avoid the suture, the use of edge hook method.