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Women Wear Simple And Rich Wisdom Beauty
Jun 28, 2017

The vast loss of clothing in the sea,Women Wear the loss is that every woman has experienced things, "always missing a piece of clothing" has become we often come out before the self-deprecating sentence. But it does not matter, Xiao Bian tell you, as long as you are hard enough, everyone will become the most beautiful woman.

First, from head to toe generally can not exceed three colors

1, color with the method

1, on the deep under the shallow: dignified, generous, quiet, serious

2, on the next shallow: bright, lively, cheerful, confident

9, pants are variegated, the shirt should avoid variegated

10, coat larger or complex, should wear solid color download

Second, the overall with the basic principles:

1, a pattern of tops do not have the same pattern of shirts and ties.

2, stripes or pattern of the coat need to match the plain pants.

3, the color of the shoes to match the color of the clothes.

4, inside and outside the two sets of wear, the color is best with the same color or contrast, and together will be more flavor.

Third, the color with:

Everyday life, we often see the black, white, gray and other colors with. Black, white, gray for the colorless, so, no matter what color with them, will not be a big problem. In general,Women Wear if the same color and white with, it will appear bright; with black when it becomes dark. So in the dress color matching should be measured first, you are to highlight which part of the clothing.

Do not put calm colors, such as: dark brown, dark purple and black with this, and black will show "grab color" consequences, so that the whole package without focus, and the overall performance of clothing will look very heavy, dark and colorless.

Red and black with, very grand, but yet the charm of Oh!

1, the same color with the principle: refers to the depth, different shades of the same two kinds of colors to match, such as: green with blue sky, dark green with green, coffee with beige, deep red with light red, The

Pink with the mix, so that the whole person looks a lot of soft.

2, similar to the color match: refers to two relatively close to the color match, such as: red and orange or purple match, yellow and grass green or orange match.

Not everyone can wear green can wear nice, green and yellow with, giving a very spring feeling, the overall feeling is very elegant, quiet ladies taste inadvertently revealed.

Professional women's color match, professional women wear professional women's activities in the office is the office, low color can make the work of those who concentrate, calmly deal with all kinds of problems, to create a quiet atmosphere. Occupational women wear the environment in the interior,Women Wear limited space, people always want to get more private space, wearing a low purity color will increase the distance between people, reduce the sense of congestion.

Low color purity is easier to coordinate with other colors, which makes a harmonious and intimate feeling between people, which helps to form a pattern of collaborative cooperation. In addition, you can use low-purity color easy to match the characteristics of the limited clothing with a rich combination. At the same time, low purity gives humility, tolerance, maturity, borrow this color language, professional women are more susceptible to the attention and trust of others.

Fourth, the principle of color with:

1, white with the principle:

White with any color with, but with a clever, but also need to spend some thought.

Red and white with a bold combination. Dressed in a white T-shirt, wearing a red skirt, looks warm and full of personality.

2, blue with the principle:

In all colors, blue clothing is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to the black blue, or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and blue has a tight body effect, very attractive.

Blue with red, people look charming, pretty, but should pay attention to the proportion of blue red appropriate.

3, beige with the principle:

With a beige piercing a trace of strict taste, it is not difficult. A light beige high-necked short-sleeved sweater, coupled with a black exquisite trousers, wearing a shiny black pointed with the shoes in the shoes, will be a professional woman's professional feeling contrast just right. If you want a capable,Women Wear strong feeling, then choose a set of black stripes exquisite suit skirt, coupled with a beige high-end handbags, both competent and yet female elegance.

A lot of MM like to watch Korean drama, the play is full of urban sense of fashion, than the simple and similar story and slow plot rhythm wonderful times. To see more, how much can sum up some of the Korean crush dressing features: subtle and elegant, bright but not dazzling. In or soft or warm colors, beige is the fashionable crush commonly used colors. In the current popular, beige because of its simple and rich in intellectual beauty of the workplace to become popular colors.