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Women Wool Coat Do Not Exposure In The Sun, Wool Has A Certain Natural Recovery Function
Oct 18, 2017

Women Wool Coat, the promotion of elegant temperament at the same time, but also give a low-key luxury, is a lot of fashionable people's favorite. In the daily wear wool overcoat, should pay attention to it carries on the proper maintenance, this is advantageous to lengthens the coat the service life!

When wearing a cashmere coat, you must note the following points:

1. Pay attention to remove sundries in pocket.

The cashmere coat is more easy to deform the bag things will deform after a long time, so every night when the cashmere coat hangs up in time to take out the pockets of things.

2. Keep Dry

Keep dry when wearing a woolen overcoat in the south, and hang the wool coat for one hours at a clear noon to keep it dry and gently whisk away the dust.

3, remove the dust

In the north after wearing a lot of dust, every time after wear to remove the surface of the dust, do not use a very hard brush, preferably with a gray roller shaft.

4, it is best to rotate this wear

Also, Women Wool Coats do not wear for a long time, if you have you have two woolen coats so please change your clothes and hang them in a ventilated dry place.

5, do not brush wool coat of fur ball

Do not use a big hair brush to brush wool coat pilling, will reduce the longevity of the coat, you can use professional to go to the ball machine. The Fur ball is formed by the long friction of the short hairs on the wool coat. Under normal circumstances, a hair ball will feel the quality of the sweater is not good, in fact, it is a symbol of the quality of sweaters.

Soft and good clothing is easy to pilling, that is to say, a good quality wool coat is easy to pilling. The method is to see the naked eye of the fur ball can be cut off with scissors. Do not forcibly remove the fur ball from the woolen coat, which can damage the wool easily.

We usually wear wool coats, especially the sleeves and pockets where the pilling is particularly serious, because the scales opposite to the force of the fiber constantly moved to the root, and scales intertwined intertwined, the more serious the friction more pilling.

Please don't blame the newly bought wool coat, the pilling is their natural instinct, rather than a momentary caprice. We as their masters, perhaps know how to cherish and maintain them will be more meaningful than complaining. Know the pilling reason, then the following for you to explain the wool, cashmere coat maintenance:

How to handle the fur ball on a garment: The Fur ball is formed by the long friction of the short hairs on the wool coat. Under normal circumstances, when you see a fur ball will feel the wool quality is not good, in fact it is the symbol of wool quality. Soft, good clothing is easy to pilling, that is to say, good quality wool coat easy pilling. The fur ball that the naked eye sees can be cut off with scissors. Do not forcibly remove the fur ball from the wool coat, which can easily damage the clothes.

How to deal with the general new purchase of coats will have a layer of floating hair, to use a dedicated roller brush, we recommend a standing, for processing hair or due to electrostatic production of sticky hair is very good.

Wool coats as far as possible to avoid washing, because it may cause shrinkage, machine wash is even more not, can cause deformation. If the wool coat is dirty, or get a stain to clean immediately, don't be lazy, develop good habits. If the fruit juice can be wiped with hot towel, make tea, coffee stains such as the dry towel to suck away,Women Wool Coat if it is stained with mud, you can wait for him to rub with the hand, and then brush off with wool brush. If it is oily to wipe with dry towel, do not allow stains to stay, to avoid bad stains live clean.

If the dust is on, the wool coat is woven from the cloth, unlike a suit made of fabric. So, once the dust is difficult to remove, can not brush with brush. Pure wool fabric is different from chemical fiber fabric, and it has the characteristics of not being easy to be electrostatic. But it's easy to get rid of dust as soon as it crosses. There is a special roller in the market to remove such dust.

The collection of wool, cashmere coats, in the seasonal wear should be washed clean in storage, this can avoid mold. The storage process should be opened in the closet during the interval to ventilate, can ensure that it is well ventilated. Wear clothes hanging up, not in the sun exposure,Women Wool Coat the wool has a certain natural recovery function, can own the day of small wrinkles removed. Put some mothballs, and take it to dry cleaners when you wash them.