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Women Wool Coat Remove Stains To Pay Attention
Jun 06, 2017

Cashmere Women Wool Coat, to enhance the elegance of the same time, but also gives a low sense of luxury, is a lot of fashion favorite. Wear a Women Wool Coat every day, pay attention to its proper maintenance, which will help extend the life of the coat!

1. Wear cashmere (wool) coat when the following points must pay attention to:

1, pay attention to clear the debris inside the pocket.

Cashmere coat is easier to deformation pocket pocket things a long time will be deformed, so every night when the cashmere coat hanging up in time to take out the pocket of things.

2, keep dry

In the south when wearing Women Wool Coat to keep dry, in the sunny noon, the Women Wool Coat to dry for an hour to keep dry, and gently brush off the dust.

3, remove the dust

In the north after wearing a lot of dust, after each time to wear the surface to remove the dust, do not use a very hard brush to brush, it is best to use the gray roller.

4, the best rotation to wear this

Also, cashmere Women Wool Coat do not wear a long time, if you have you have two Women Wool Coat, then please wear, do not wear should be hung in a dry place.

5, do not brush Women Wool Coat hair ball

Do not use a large brush to brush Women Wool Coat hair from the ball, will reduce the life of the coat, you can use a professional hair ball machine. The hair ball is formed by the short hair on the Women Wool Coat. Under normal circumstances, a see the hair ball will feel the quality of the sweater is not good, in fact, it is the quality of the logo sweater.

Soft texture good clothes easy to play, that is good quality Women Wool Coat easy to play the ball. Method is the naked eye to see the hair ball can be cut with scissors. Do not forcibly grab off the Women Wool Coat on the hair ball, so easy to damage the wool.

Second, remove the stain must pay attention to three points

1, if the drop of obvious stains must be immediately removed, the maximum time to reduce the stain stay. You can use paper towels and towels to absorb most of the stains.

2, then we recommend that you use pure detergent to clean the pure wool fabric. In the clothing marked with pure wool logo, Metropolis marked with a neutral detergent cleaning.

3, try not to use dry or dryer, cashmere coat to be completely dry after the collection, the collection must be put on the dust cover hanging place. Cashmere coat are more expensive, so we all want to take care of our own cashmere coat.

Three, wool, cashmere coat collection

1, in the season do not wear it should be washed in the clean, so you can avoid moldy.

2, woolen coat in the collection when the moisture, pest control

3, woolen coat collection after a period of time to come out to dry

Want a sense of fashion is not reduced, cashmere Women Wool Coat is definitely the first choice for autumn and winter!